Full Batten Mainsail

Our Sail loft has developed mainsails with internal battens, perfect both for regattas and cruising.

Our sail loft has developed mainsails with internal battens, perfect both for regattas and cruising, making use of long experience in the development of high performance catamaran mainsail and windsurf sails. The internal splint offers numerous advantages over the traditional one.

The Full Batten mainsails have a longer leech thanks to the long battens that reach the luff, usually four or five. There are numerous advantages: the wing thus extended slightly increases its surface, but above all improves aerodynamic efficiency as its shape in the plan is optimized. In addition, the battens maintain the optimal sail profile even in strong winds, when the fabric would tend to deform and become stuffed into the leech part.

The stiffened sail is very easy to stow, as it is stacked on top of the boom, possibly guided by a lazy jack, ready to be covered by its hood, without having to remove the battens or make further folds. Our sails benefit from an exclusive batten system developed by us, with composite round section battens, light and very sturdy, and a compact tensioning system that allows easy micrometric adjustment of the batten tension by acting directly from the A rail system and ball-bearing carriages are also available to make hoisting and lowering even easier.

Dacron® low diagonal stretch
5 layer Sandwich dacron®-mylar®
Pentex® laminate

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