Over forty years of regattas and sailing have led us to have the technical knowledge about the materials and accessories that we have today to make sailing more effective and the voyage more enjoyable.

You will find some must have accessories for a comfortable voyage in this point; whilst many others can be considered directly between the client and our sailmakers, in order to offer you the most personalised service possible.

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Winding systems

Traditional System

The fabric forestay ( flexible rope or other methods, single cable or double cable) is inserted into the border of the sail’s entryway and is a fundamental part.

How it works: The main function of the sail opening and closing is similar to that of the winding used for the genoa. The winding is more or less uniform for the entire length of the forestay. The sail is wound with the internal forestay in the border of the sail’s entryway. The halyard must be placed before winding the sail.

RollGen System

The winder is connected to the sail with head and tack carabiners, it is hoisted with the spi halyard. The whole “forestay- sheath piping” is separate from the sail. The winding system is always ready for the opening or closing of the sail.

How it works: the sail winds around the sheath piping pulled by the head which is then pulled
by the forestay which is held within the sheath piping.

The winding process is from top to bottom: the sail head is wound first, then the centre until the rotating tack at the base of the sail is pulled across. The part of the sail attached to the sheet is then wound up. The sail winds up “because it deflates”, forming folds that flatten it and allows the winding.

Made to measure Steel Cables

We create made to measure stainless steel cables for all your needs.

Socks, sailcovers and awnings

We make made to measure awnings, socks and sail covers personalised to the clients needs: must have items for the correct storage of all types of sail.