Olympic jib

A single jib which can be folded on a voyage boat is limiting as once the sail is collected it compromises the bowline performance of the boat. It is therefore advisable to have a smaller jib to use instead of the genoa in case of high winds. Using a foldable Olympic jib instead of a genoa will allow the boat to maintain the bowline performance unaltered, the sail is also made from a more resistant fabric compared to that of a genoa making it far more durable and if the wind is over 25 knots it still has the chance to reduce whilst maintaining an acceptable sail shape.

Olympic jib voyage: cross – cut shearing

The simplicity of this type of shearing allows you to have a sturdy sail and it is also aerodynamically efficient. If we then associate new more resistant fabrics compared to the old Dacron and the computer optimised shearing you get a good sail with a great quality, price ratio.

Size chart

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